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Link Love #6

Feeling lucky? Enter Lilit’s amazing giveaway.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves a good sleep-in especially on these cold Winter mornings. No time for an intricate eye makeup routine in the morning? No worries – see how easy it can get.

I love a good budget beauty brand – check out these swatches :) & be amazed.

A good tip I learned from a MUA was that when you apply the same shade to your cheeks & eyes, it instantly ‘refreshens’ you! This is a good multi-tasker if you’re ever feeling the need to be refreshed.

Review – QV Gentle shampoo and conditioner

Recently, I was given the opportunity to trial QV’s newest additions to their skincare line – a new shampoo & conditioner.

I have been using them exclusively for the past 2 weeks & have thus formed an opinion 😛

First off, let me start by outlining my usual hair routine & what my hair is really like. I have long black/brown hair that’s not too straight nor too wavy. It’s somewhere in between. I have very dry ends in addition to split ends! I don’t wash my hair everyday but more so every other day. In regards to my scalp, I do have dermatitis so this has lead me to using a special shampoo by Neutrogena in order to keep it at bay. So of course when the opportunity to test QV’s latest offerings arose, I jumped at the chance.

The QV shampoo & conditioner are formulated to be pH balanced & free from known irritants such as soap, fragrance & lanolin. This mkaes it perfect for those with sensitive skin & scalp to use everyday.

QV Gentle Shampoo ($9.95AUD/200ml)

This is touted as being a gentle shampoo that cleanses the hair whilst hydrating your scalp. I have quite the sensitive nose so I pick up on scents easily (LOL) so as soon as I squeezed some shampoo out from the bottle & lathered it, I instantly recognised the scent – I can’t describe it other than the fact it had that similar scent to QV’s body lotions & creams – kinda like Sorbelene – milky but not overpowering.

I usually do a lather, rinse, repeat routine with my shampoos. I read the instructions on the back which says I can repeat if desired. So, I did repeat as the first wash didn’t feel like it was clean.

It’s a cloudy milky looking liquid with a formula that isn’t too thick which was nice. What I experienced was that with the first wash, the shampoo did not lather up nicely. When I repeated the shampoo washing step, it lathered up much better. After the first few washes, I decided to lather the shampoo in my hand before washing my hair which seems to get a better ‘lather’ result.

QV Gentle Conditioner ($9.95AUD/200ml)

Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner virtually had no scent. I could not detect any. I like that the conditioner had a bit of ‘slip’. I left it on for at least a minute so that it could get to work :) It left my hair less knotty than per usual & the ends of my hair looked much more hydrated! Very happy with the conditioner.


After trialling the shampoo & conditioner for 2 weeks, I have noticed that my scalp gets itchy after the 2nd day as well as oily. However, it has not made my dermatitis any worse.

I would purchase the conditioner again but maybe not the shampoo. I will stick with my HG shampoo but will continue to use the conditioner as I have received great results from it.

You can purchase the new range at Priceline & pharmacies around Australia.

The product/s mentioned in this post were provided by PR for consideration. Beauty Snippets’ opinion remains 100% unbiased and honest. Please refer to Beauty Snippets’ disclosure/PR policies page for further information.

Face of Australia – Iron Ore Molten Metallics

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

The lucky last polish from my previous Face of Australia polish haul. I haven’t had the chance to bring out my polishes to play due to work but seeing as I have this week off, I thought I should finish swatching the Face of Australia Molten Metallics polishes :)

Face of Australia Iron Ore molten metallics nail polish

So..Iron Ore has a black base with bits of rainbow shimmer throughout. It’s a nice alternative to the usual flat black polishes.

I did my usual 2 coats but this is without a top coat. Without a top coat, it’s a bit flat. Not too matte but it isn’t shiny either. It applied ok. Not as bad as troublesome as White Gold was but not as perfect as Flaming Lava. Somewhere in between.

Natural light

OPI Melon of Troy

I love the name of this nail polish :)

OPI Melon of Troy

OPI Melon of Troy is a frosty, slightly shimmer apricot shade. Being a frost, it means the finish is kind of streaky but it’s nothing I can’t deal with.

Link Love #5

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I spent majority of it working & then getting sick! Boo. I’m currently doing an inventory of my make up collection & it’s scary.

This week,

Lilit addresses the Morrocan Oil bashing.

Part 3 of Madame B Fatale’s Illamasqua swatches are now live :) I love seeing swatches!

Tara has kicked her old lover, Chanel, to the kerb. What has she replaced her (ex) beloved Chanel lipsticks with?

Seeing this nail polish swatch from Carina has made me even more excited about Summer.

Formal season is upon us in full swing. Check out this guide for your necessities!

The best of both worlds – a haul of make up & shoes.

Being A Beauty Blogger Means…THIS

Aah, the perils of being a beauty blogger. I have a basket full of samples just waiting to be used so I can review them but I’m currently trialling a new facial moisturiser to review so I can’t exactly start using all these new products on my face because then I wouldn’t know what’s what and what is (if!) breaking me out…Booo.

And then I have another box full of unused full-size products. I really want to open them up and play with them but must. refrain. :(

Tell me I’m not the only one!

Review – Boost Your Dry Lips With These Bloom x Boost lip balms

Boost and Bloom – 2 iconic Aussie brands have joined forces to create 6 lip balms which are representative of Boost’s popular drinks – Tropical Storm, Mango Tango, Strawberry Squeeze,  Berry Bang, Banana Buzz and Watermelon Crush.

First of all – they smell amazing! Like Lip Smackers but for adults. They all smell different depending on which flavour you got & they smell ‘real’. None of those fake fruit smells lol.

Anyways, after hearing about these, I dragged myself to Myer (Parramatta, NSW) and found myself at the Bloom stand where these were. Unfortunately, apart from the 2 I purchased, each and every Bloom x Boost lip balm had been opened already and I did not want to purchase something which had been opened previously just in case. Since then, I have been on the look out for the other flavours but can’t seem to find them. If anyone sees any unopened Strawberry Squeeze, Berry Bang, Banana Buzz and Watermelon Crush, please let me know!! Would really appreciate it as I only was able to get Tropical Storm and Mango Tango.

What I love about these lip balms, apart from their sweet fruity scent, is that they don’t come in your typical round cylindrical packaging. Instead they’re like an oval shape which is the perfect shape. Other lip balm companies – TAKE NOTE.

Bloom x Boost lip balms

These lip balms are very moisturising thanks to ingredients such as jojoba oil and beeswax. Also, they don’t feel ‘that’ waxy. Like, you know it’s there without it actually ‘being there’. I don’t even know if that makes sense or not!

These wonderful lip balms are available from selected Myer and David Jones stores as well as some Boost Juice Bars and of course, Bloom’s Flagship Store (in Melb!). These retail for $6.95 which is a BARGAIN but there’s an offer for 2 for $10 (til end of July) if you sign up on Bloom’s website (click here).

Link Love #4

First off – this ain’t beauty related but whatever! Jess shares one of my favourite recipes. EVER. It’s so simple to make & delicious too.

Want to see some swatches of the pretty Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes?

Ever heard of a water resistant bronzer? I hadn’t until now & it has made itself a high priority for my Summer wishlist.

I don’t think I’ve ever met such a devoted Lancome Juicy Tubes lover like Tara.

Please tell me I’m not the only person on Earth who has no clue what a serum is &  its purpose when it comes to the skincare routine? Clueless no more!

Flormar Haul

I’ve walked past the Flormar stand a couple of times prior to my haul but I never thought anything of it – “Pfft, just another crappy makeup stand.” But I digress after hearing about Lilit’s experience with them. She purchased some goodies, in the name of beauty blogging research & the conclusion was that they are freaking awesome. Great price & great quality. Love it.

Flormar Professional Make-Up

For more information about Flormar, click here. Generally, it’s a Turkish brand with attractive prices & even better quality.

Anyways, the Flormar Professional Make-Up (as it’s formally known as) stand is JAM PACKED with everything from foundations to nail polishes. They have an amazing range. None of that “only available in 2 shades” rubbish. I was so overwhelmed by the choices for the lipsticks & nail polishes that I settled for my safe bet – blushes! Not that I needed any more blushes but “it’s for the blog!!”

One thing sucky about the naming of their makeup? Numbers. I don’t do well with remembering numbers & associating them with their rightful owners but I do well with names – I don’t know why but I do. I can remember the names of every single one of my MAC shadows & tell you what kind of colour they are but numbers? Nup. No can do.

The packaging is simple white & feels quite sturdy. I like that they with the protective seals so you know it hasn’t been defiled by someone else’s dirty hands.


Moving on, the two blushes I purchased from Flormar were:

Blush-on in 91 ($9.99)

Flormar blush-on in 91

It comes with a cute lil brush (that I’d probably never use) & the compact has a mirror!

This is  a pretty pink-peachy-coral shade. As if I needed any more of that shade family but it was just so pretty…

Flormar blush-on in 91

Flormar blush-on in 91 - ingredients, batch code & expiry date.

Terracotta blush-on in 46 ($14.99)

Terracotta blush-on in 46

First off – how similar does this look to MAC’s famous mineralize skinfinishes? Secondly, this is freaking orange. Like bright orange. But I got it because it looked amazing in Lilit’s FOTD post once it was all blended out. PS I saw one that was pretty similar to MAC Light Flush or Petticoat MSF! Must get myself to the stand again & do a swatch comparison.

Terracotta blush-on in 46

Again, these, like the blush-ons, comes with a mirror too but these terracotta ones don’t include a brush.

Terracotta blush-on in 46 - ingredients, batch code & expiry date.

Sydney readers, head over to Lilit’s blog post here & grab yourself a 10% code (expires at the end of this month) & go get your grubby hands on these amazing cheap cosmetics :)

Essie Turquiose & Caicos with Satin nail enamel 20

Satin nail enamel #20 & Essie Turquoise & Caicos

I want Winter to be over already! This cold weather has got to move on already.

I managed to grab this beautiful Summer shade from Flossy Lock’s blog sale a couple of weeks back as it had been on my wishlist for a while now.

If you are following me on Twitter, you may remember me bitching about how difficult Essie polishes are! Maybe it’s just my luck but man, the brush makes it hard for me to apply the polish evenly & it’s so thin? I think I just always get the duds.

I also decided to use one of the Satin nail polishes I came across whilst in Port Macquarie a few weeks ago. I’ll be doing a separate post on the Satin polishes I hauled :)

Natural light