Review: Violet Box July 2015

Violet Box July 2015

Violet Box July 2015

July’s box will be the last box for Violet Box. As the Australian dollar drops, it is getting increasingly hard to ship products into Australia and as you know, a lot of the brands included in these monthly boxes from Violet Box are foreign brands. This is sad news for me because I really liked receiving these monthly beauty boxes and it was a great introduction to fantastic overseas beauty brands.

The first thing I noticed was the box. It was no longer the useful sliding box I was used to…

Violet Box July 2015

Violet Box July 2015

The information card is also very different to what we have been receiving over the past 2 years – “In order to comply with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) (Cosmetics) Regulations 1991 Violet Box publishes ingredient information on this card. For tips on how to use these products please visit the Violet Box Blog (”.

Mr. Bean Mandarin Coffee Scrub $17.95
Seems like the hype surrounding coffee body scrubs has slowly died down. I’ve always been interested in coffee body scrubs but the whole process seems drawn out and messy so I was never quite ‘there’ when it came to purchasing one. I’ll put this away for a pamper day. Not a fan of citrus scents though and even through the packaging, I can already smell the mandarin scent. I hope it’s not too strong. Like many coffee body scrubs on the market, Mr. Bean Coffee Scrub promises soft, smooth skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite amongst other things.

Starlooks Lip Pencil $6USD
This is a sample size and I received this in Peony – a nice natural pink-brown.

Urban Skincare Co Resurrect Hair Wash ~$3.48/35ml ($9.95/100ml)
Urban Skincare Co Recovery Conditioner ~$3.4/5ml ($9.95/100ml)
We’ve received Urban Skincare Co products before and these sound like great products to use on my dry and damaged hair.

Tarocco Body Wash $4USD
Another citrus-scented product….Tarocco is known for its olive oil-based beauty products. This is also contains orange oil to really provide an enriching and hydrating body wash. Probably pass this onto a family member or friend as the orange scent is quite strong and medicinal..

Etat Libre D’Orange $199AUD
A mature citrus (!) floral scent which I’ll pass onto someone who’ll appreciate the sample more than me. Not a scent that’s down my alley.

July’s Violet Box left me a little disappointed especially for a last hurrah. The majority of products being citrus-scented meant that the samples would not be used by me. I know I definitely won’t be using the last two samples, with the coffee scrub being a question mark for now. Not sure if I want to!

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  • Emma Bovary

    Oh that’s no good to have so many citrus products in one box – even if you like that scent, that is overload! Sad to see this company go, I don’t currently sub to any sample boxes but I heard this one was alright

    • Beauty Snippets

      Yep, definitely was one of the better ones. Such great value! Such a shame to see it go :(