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July 2016 Empties

Yay, more empties! I moved my whole beauty stash down with me to Melbourne and made it a goal to come back with half of it. Going through these empties will definitely help with that goal!

Without further ado…

July 2016 empties

July 2016 empties

Batiste Dry Shampoo – I already have a few back ups ready to go. This is my HG dry shampoo. It is effective and nothing else compares! I’ve recommended this to anyone who will listen.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea body butter (review)* – I was using this on and off over the last year (lol) but really amped it up during this Winter as my skin got ridiculously dry.

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Anti-Bacterial hand gel – one of my favourites and always gets comments whenever I use it in the office. I stocked up on a few of these when I was last in the States and stocked up some more when I passed the Sydney domestic airport store! The scent reminds me of Gobstoppers – very sweet and floral.

Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow hand cream – a fruity-floral scent infused with shea butter and macadamia nut oil to keep my hands moisturised without being greasy. I love Crabtree & Evelyn for hand creams because they’re absorbed quickly, keeps my hands soft and have a wide range of scents.

Jo Malone English Pear and Freesia mini candle* – this was the perfect Autumn scent to burn. It’s a warming, hearty mix of pear, white freesias, amber and patchouli. Sure, the price tag makes you gawk a little but it burns flawlessly and the fills the room up with a lovely scent. The packaging is very aesthetically please as well – clean and simple that would not look out of place no matter where you display it.

TN Dickinson’s With Hazel – another HG for my oily skin. I use this as a toner after cleansing to control the oil production on my t-zone. Works well for me for years and when I forget to buy a back up, I can definitely notice a difference in my skin.

Review: Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care

I first heard of Arcona skin care when I attended the Sephora beauty brand showcase back in April. A relatively new brand to Australia, Arcona is a holistic skin care brand based in LA. Their goal is to contain as much active ingredients as possible and decrease the number of “filler” ingredients in their products. In order to achieve this goal, their ingredients are cold-pressed in small batches.

When their brand representative tried the Cranberry Gommage, a 2011 Allure Best of Beauty winner, on my hand, I was instantly sucked in. My hand felt so smooth and soft afterwards!

I was kindly sent a skin care regimen from Arcona based on my oily skin. Here are the products I have been trialling over the last few months:

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care (Gentle Solution, Toner Tea Bar, Cranberry Grommage, Magic White Ice, Eye Dew)

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care (Gentle Solution, Toner Tea Bar, Cranberry Grommage, Magic White Ice, Eye Dew)

Cranberry Gommage (AM) $60AUD – This is a grape flavoured (smells like Hubba Bubba!) chemical and physical exfoliant. I found this exfoliant to have pretty rough exfoliating grains meaning I had to be gentle. I couldn’t just go to town with this on my face! It was very much like rubbing sandpaper on your skin. Despite all this, the results were great. Gentle, light, upward and outward circles and I was left with skin that was instantly brighter, felt smoother and dry skin sloughed off. This was alternated with the Toner Tea Bar and used the morning after having used the Gentle Solution.

Magic White Ice (AM/PM) $54AUD – Used as a daily moisturiser, this gel was a lightweight and non-greasy moisturiser that’s absorbed immediately. Skin was left feeling hydrated and smooth. This has a very light floral scent.

Eye Dew (PM) $52AUD – I used this only at night as I found it left a greasy ring around my eyes. The texture is thick and I felt that it was not absorbed quickly. It remained sticky even after letting it sit for a while so  I definitely recommend this only as a night time product.

Toner Tea Bar (AM/PM) $46AUD – This comes in the form of a soap bar. Definitely not the usual form my cleansers come in. It comes in its own jar for storage with raised bits on the bottom (like an inbuilt drip tray) to aerate the bar and keep the bad germs away. To use this, I wet my face with some water first then I apply the toner tea bar to my face in circular motions. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you get it, it works great. The Toner Tea Bar contains antioxidants from the green and black tea and has a very “earthy” scent. It didn’t foam up as I went over my face with the Toner Tea Bar but it foamed up really well when I went over it again with water to cleanse off. It does a great job at tightening the pores and leaves your skin feeling clean but not dried out.

Gentle Solution (PM) $68AUD – I alternated this with the Magic White Ice. Gentle Solution is a night time serum aimed at repairing your skin while you sleep. It is to be used alone. Don’t apply any other serums or creams on top of this! When first applied, it feels sticky and tacky. Wait five minutes after application and it’s absorbed into your skin and leaves no trace. The next morning, I am faced with plumper skin, reduced redness, minimised pores and less oily skin. The morning after, it is recommended to wash the serum off with an exfoliator so I use the Cranberry Gommage.

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care (Triad Pads, Raspberry Resurfacing Peel, Tea Tree Mask)

Arcona Los Angeles Skin Care (Triad Pads, Raspberry Resurfacing Peel, Tea Tree Mask)

Triad Pads $14AUD – These smell so yummy thanks to the cranberry extract. These pads can be used at any time to: cleanse, tone and/or remove makeup. So versatile making it a great product to bring along on short trips, in your handbag, keep at the work desk etc The Triad Pads are moist, have one smooth and one bumpy side, and removes makeup really well. I love that it is a multipurpose product and on my lazy days it steps up as my makeup remover, cleanser and toner. BAM!

Raspberry Resurfacing Peel $60AUD – I rarely use peels as I am scared of how my skin will react. This Raspberry Resurfacing Peel has a light fruity scent, reminiscent of a raspberry smoothie; and feels like jam. I like to think that my skin is pretty tough so when my skin was tingling after application, I just thought “Wow. This Raspberry Resurfacing Peel must be very potent!” I left this on for the recommended 3-5 minutes and the results? My skin was radiant, glowing, pores minimised, no dry flakes and very smooth!

Tea Tree Mask $46AUD – I think this is my first sulfur mask..anyway. This mask is great if you are having an attack of the pimples. This is a clay-based mask but feels much thinner than my other clay-based masks. You’ll first notice the scent – a mix of flowers, tea tree and mint. Due to its light and thin texture, it’s easy to apply and cover all the crevices on your face. When applied, there’s a cooling sensation – not to be confused with a tingly, burning sensation. The mask dries but does not harden. I remove it with a warm face cloth and my skin is left feeling so refreshed, clean, smooth and balanced. Definitely becoming one of my favourite face masks to use!

After using exclusively Arcona skin care products over the last few months, my skin has had minimal breakouts, feels smooth and hydrated and not as oily. The texture of my skin has definitely improved going from patchy dry and flaky skin to healthy looking skin!

Yes, the prices are a big high for those on a tight budget but as Arcona products are natural, I would consider Arcona’s products to be an investment on your path towards great, trouble-free skin.  Arcona is available at Sephora – located at Pitt St Mall, Sydney; Macquarie Centre, Sydney and coming soon, Melbourne Central, Melbourne.

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