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Review: Bespoque

Launched in June 2014, Bespoque Skincare offers you the chance to create a completely customised facial cream for yourself. I mean, who knows your skin better than you?

Bespoque - Skincare designed by you

Bespoque – Skincare designed by you

The process itself is very simple. You can complete the questionnaire online or in store at a Terry White chemist on an interactive display. The questionnaire is very intuitive and asks all the important questions needed in order for you to create a moisturiser that is right for you.

Examples of questions asked: Do you want a fragranced moisturiser? What are your skincare concerns? What colour label do you want?

At the end of the questionnaire, your results are shown to you based on your answers and you have the option of adding or removing the features. It also tells you the cost of your moisturiser which can range from $36.95 to $69.95. Once your order is placed, if you’re at a Terry White chemist, behind the scenes, it’ll take about 5 minutes for them to blend and create your moisturiser. If you did it online, no worries. You can come and pick up your customised moisturiser at your earliest convenience.

Bespoque - Skincare designed by you

Bespoque – Skincare designed by you

The process for me was very simple and easy. I created a moisturiser that was light and hydrating, with a rainforest scent, aimed at reducing the redness in my cheeks and exfoliating skin cells.

As for use, well, how can I fault it? I was able to create something that was aimed at my current skincare concerns and it does what it says. My redness isn’t as obvious, my skin is hydrated, it gets absorbed quickly and it isn’t heavy on my skin.

I definitely recommend this to everyone but especially those with constant changing skincare concerns or those who cannot find a moisturiser that agrees with their skin and/or skincare routine.

To find out more and create your own, check out the website.

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