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Review – botanics of australia shampoo and conditioner

This is a very delayed post (sorry!). I received some botanics of australia (boa) products 2 months ago to review and have been trialling them.

boa offers a unique and large range of skincare and haircare prodcuts containing the highest quality of Australian ingredients. It’s a botanic and natural range 😉

What boa says:

Inspired by the natural, purifying and restorative properties of Indigenous Botanicals, boa offers a unique and essential natural skin, body, bath and haircare range designed to calm the mind and purify the body.

boa provides pampering formulations that soften, hydrate and revive both the body and mind bringing you a physical serenity that is synonymous with the essence of Australia.


Moisturising shampoo with banksia flower extract (250ml) – RRP $12.95aud

“Designed to penetrate the hair shaft and gently cleanse, this moisture rich shampoo will replenish moisture balance and leave hair full of body and shine”.

Moisturising conditioner with banksia flower extract (250ml) – RRP $12.95aud

“The powerful Banksia Flower extract will replenish your hair’s natural moisture balance and body. It leaves hair feeling soft, manageable and ready for styling.”

As previously mentioned, I suffer from dermatitis and usually use a special shampoo (Neutrogena) to treat it. I trialled the boa shampoo and conditioner for at least 4 weeks in addition to using the Neutrogena shampoo. The process was: wash with boa shampoo, rinse, wash with Neutrogena shampoo, rinse, apply boa conditioner, leave for 3-5 minutes, rinse. Although the instructions don’t tell me to leave the conditioner on for a few minutes, I do this with all conditioner. It helps to quickly “deep condition” my hair lol. After trialling the boa shampoo and conditioner I found that my hair was, as it claims, left feeling hydrated and moisturised. I dye my hair and blowdry it often and the boa shampoo and conditioner worked well to make my hair not to look dry.

I love that the shampoo and conditioner were different colours! It allows me to quickly grab them in the shower without having to hold it up and distinguish one from the other.

Another aspect I like is the no fuss packaging and design. The shampoo is more creamier in consistency than most shampoos I’ve used and has a ‘nature’ scent. As for the conditioner, again, it’s a tad thicker than other conditioners but application was easy.

boa shampoo and conditioner

One thing I really love about the shampoo – THE SCENT!! It’s a nice musky floral kinda scent. I don’t know. Reminds me of men’s cologne but much more subtle and feminine lol.

Unfortunately, at the end of the 4 weeks trial, I found a lot of build up on my scalp :( I have never experienced this before and will not be repurchasing the shampoo or conditioner. At the end of the 4 weeks, I still have a lot of product left in the shampoo and conditioner and so I offloaded them to my sister. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have dermatitis and uses whatever shampoo and conditioner is in the shower lol. I have not heard any complaints from her thus far so it must just be my sensitive scalp.

boa shampoo and conditioner great for those looking a more natural alternative and don’t suffer from such a sensitive scalp.

You can purchase botanics of australia products from Fashion Addict for a tad lower than RRP.

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