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Valentine’s Day Gift #6 – DKNY Fragrances

Fragrances can be a very personal thing for some people.

Perfumes don’t smell the same on everybody. Each person’s chemical composition and hormones affect how a perfume will smell. That’s why a perfume that smells awesome on someone else may smell like poo on you.

But perfumes seem to be a very common “last minute” gift.

DKNY Scent Finder application on Facebook

For anyone looking for a last minute Valentine’s Day gift, check out the DKNY Scent Finder. It’s an application on Facebook which uses a quiz to find the perfect scent for that special someone. Or yourself.

The questions are based on the art and science of fragrance and helps find that perfect fragrance to match a person’s personality.

Have a play here: DKNY Scent Finder

My match is:

pureDKNY Vanilla

DKNY Be Delicious

Delicious Night

I’ve smelt the first two and they are right on target. I haven’t had a sniff of Delicious Night but it sounds like my kind of smell :)