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GlossyBox March 2012

For those you haven’t received their GlossyBox from March, note that this may contain spoilers so look away if you like the surprise element of these boxes.

This month’s GlossyBox is themed ‘active and vibrant’ – essentially products to make you look good on the go.

A point of difference this month is the card that contains the list of products in the box now contained all 18 products that they sent out to people – each receiving 5 out of 18. I like that there is a slight variation and it allows you to see what other products were included.

The bright pink GlossyBox I received last month was a ‘limited edition’ one and their usual boxes are more of a pale light pink.

I like that again it was packaged neatly and nicely and wrapped with a bow – love little details like these. As I opened the box, I was greeted by a fresh fruity scent! I can’t figure out where the scent is coming from but it smells soo nice.

So this month, I received:

Proactiv Cleansing Body Bar ($20.95 each) – received full size = $20.95

Klorane gentle shampoo with oat milk ($9.95/200ml) – received 25ml = $1.24

Eau Thermale Avene gentle milk cleanser ($30.95/200ml) – received 50ml = $7.74

Eau Thermale Avene gentle toner ($30.95/200ml) – received 50ml = $7.74

Pome Skin and Hair Wonder Serum ($29.95/50ml) – received 50ml = $29.95

Total value = $67.62

In addition to the above products, GlossyBox HQ also included a ‘Power Balance’ bracelet which is supposed to support your strength and flexibility (according to the card) but I think it’s a just all rubbish lol. There were also two vouchers – $10 off at Zanui (min spend $50) and Proactiv Ultimate System for $29.99 + p&h. Unlikely to use these.

Out of the products I received this month, I would use all but one – the Proactiv cleansing body bar. Including hair products are ‘safe’ as most people can try them out without the fear of a breakout etc. The Pome Hair and Skin Wonder Serum sounds interesting – multiuse product on your hair and skin? The skincare products, whilst a bit risk, are ‘gentle’ so I don’t see why I wouldn’t try them! You never know – they could become my HG products. So even without the value of the Proactiv Cleansing Body Bar, the box is still valued about $40+ which is great seeing as you pay $14.95/month!

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Valentine’s Day Gift #4 – GlossyBox

I’m sure you have all seen the sudden influx of beauty sample boxes in Australia. They all are pretty similar with the difference being the brands they are partnered with.

Beauty sample boxes – what now? If you’ve been living under a rock or in Antartica, what it is is a service. A service whereby you pay $14.95 a month and each month a box of luxury beauty samples arrive on your doorstep for you to trial.

GlossyBox is one of the many beauty sample boxes that offer this service. I was contacted by Amanda from GlossyBox to see if I wanted to receive one of their boxes and review it. Of course I said yes! I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

I’m not sure if all the existing beauty sample boxes do this but with GlossyBox, you are asked to complete a Beauty Profile that allows GlossyBox to customise the box to your needs etc

So did it live up to the hype?

GlossyBox - February Valentine's Day edition

I love the packaging. It’s overly pink and girly :) It comes with the GlossyBox logo printed cardboard box and inside is another Barbie pink box that holds the beauty samples.

GlossyBox - February Valentine's Day edition

Each month, the boxes do have a slight theme. February’s box is all about feeling and looking your best.

GlossyBox - February Valentine's Day edition

It comes beautifully packaged like so…

GlossyBox - February Valentine's Day edition

Inside, you get:

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm ($8.99/2g) – received full size = $8.99

Proactive Deep Cleansing Wash ($39.95/475ml) – received 60ml = ~$5.05

Face of Australia Mineral Lip Shine in Beach House ($12.95/4.5g) – received full size = $12.95

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil with Rosehip ($9.95/60ml or $17.99/150ml) – received 60ml = $9.95

Star and Rose Floral Woodland Emergency Nail Files (upon request)

Total value = $36.94+! You also get a $15 off when you spend over $75 at ActiveSkin voucher and an exclusive offer from ProActiv. And CONVERSATION HEARTS!

That’s more than double the subscription value. So monetary wise, it’s worth it.

GlossyBox - February Valentine's Day edition

A quick look at the products included –

Well, everyone can use lip balm and you can never have enough so that’s a thumbs up from me. The Proactive cleansing wash is something I would never use and I would never recommend it to anyone else so that’s going to waste really. The lipstick is a bit meh for me. A frosty bronzy orange nude? Not my thing…The Palmer’s skin therapy oil is right up my alley. I’m currently using/trialling Busby Pure Tissue oil that I won from Nadia’s blog for a burn scar I got when using a hair curler lol! So once I’m done with Busby, I’ll move onto Palmer’s. And the nail files – so handy to have in the car, your handbag, work drawer for emergencies :)

All in all, if I had the spare cash lying around and was not a beauty blogger already drowning in product samples, I would test the waters. Try it out for a month or two and see if the products are right up my alley. The subscriptions are done monthly, so you can cancel at any time prior to the next monthly box.

I think these beauty sample boxes makes a great gift! And ladies, there’s also a quarterly men’s GlossyBox!! :)

The product/s mentioned in this post were provided by PR for consideration. Beauty Snippets’ opinion remains 100% unbiased and honest. Please refer to Beauty Snippets’ disclosure/PR policies page for further information.