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Review: Imperial Leather Body Wash

I received these in a thoughtful pamper pack nearly a year ago and I only just realised that I hadn’t written a review about these!

I am a bit of a body wash junkie hence why these have lasted nearly a year. After someone entered my bathroom, they said to me “You must have every brand under the sun for bath products” and I’m not even going to deny it. I like to mix and match my body washes depending on the weather, my mood etc

Imperial Leather Body Washes

Imperial Leather Body Washes

Imperial Leather added a range of body washes and hand scents to their already amazing body wash range with a focus on scent. Scent is a funny thing. It has a way of affecting our moods through its association with certain experiences and events. Whenever I am travelling, I love to buy a perfume at my destination and use it whilst I’m there. This way, whenever I am back home and I spray that scent, I am reminded of my holiday. This is why Imperial Leather Master Perfumers were given the task to create new and exciting scents for the range based on Imperial Leather’s classic five fragrance families. I was kindly sent two bottles, No. 37 – Flirtatious and the limited edition Blue Lagoon.

Flirtatious is “A dark and enticing fusion of red pomegranate and velvety rose, enhanced by dashes of aromatic patchouli, jasmine, spiced cedar and a lingering trace of black vanilla.” It has a slightly musky scent due to the rose but once lathered, it lightens up as the pomegranate comes through. I like to use this on colder days or when I’m feeling slightly down.

Blue Lagoon has “[a] gentle blend of guava, peach nectar, hibiscus and champaca scents, further enhanced by dashes of blonde wood and musk notes.” This one is light and fruity and I love this on summery days as it just brings me back to my holidays in Hawaii. So tropical and luxurious!

In terms of packaging, they come in huge 500ml bottles with a lid that you press down on one side to open. I do prefer pumps as they’re so much easier to just leave on the caddy or shelf. With this type of packaging, you need to actually tip the bottle upside down to get some product out. The consistency is a slightly creamy liquid that pours slowly out of the bottle. I usually just give it a quick squeeze to dispense the body wash quicker. The body wash lathers up nicely and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised. I dispense a 50 cent sized amount of product and this is more than enough for my whole body. The scents are not overpowering but does little just a tiny bit after my showers.

Imperial Leather has always offered value for money products and this is no exception. The scents are so luxurious and the size is huge and the best part is they retail for about $7 at Coles, Woolworths, pharmacies and independent retailers. There’s about 9 different scents in their permanent range and I hope they re-release Blue Lagoon in time for Summer!

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