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Link Love #10

There’s currently a Garnier BB cream giveaway epidemic on the blogosphere at the moment. Increase your chances of winning win by entering here and here.

Check out this super pretty nail polish combo. I can so picture this on a pair of sexy heels!

I love reading about beauty bloggers’ faves as much as the next beauty blog reader but I equally love reading about their not so favourite products.

Check out how to maximise the potential of your mascara.

This may not be a Spring shade but check out the duochrome on this gorgeous polish.

And finally (continuing with the nail polish theme unintentionally lol), the perfect Barbie pink shade for the upcoming Summer! 😀

Link Love #9

Come enter Popblush’s mini giveaway :) She’s got some cute prizes!

See whether Lilit thinks about Illamasqua’s answer to Asia’s BB cream.

It’s not often you see a beauty blogger declare a product as her HG but alas, a miracle as Jen tells us about her HG lip balm.

Straight up – if false lashes made me look this hot, I’d buy 58353 in a heart beat!

My bank account is pleading with me after I saw these YSL lipstick swatches from Ailing. Yours will too.

Link Love #8

Sorry guys! LOL

Some great posts over the past few weeks (3 to be exact………) which I thoroughly enojoyed:

Angela gives us the low down on her fave budget beauty products.

If you love highlighting products as much as I do, you have to check out Clare’s post about her new highlighter!

I’m loving this new lip combo from Lilit. So perfect for summer.

Jacie shares her top five nail tips.

Hello, cheap and cheerful cream blushes!

Link Love #7

Hiya guys. Sorry about the delay in this week’s Link Love post. I haven’t been feeling very well all week. Bleh!

This week, another of my favourite blogger, Jen, is holding a giveaway with some great prizes. Good luck :)

Check out these swatches of some cheap and cheerful blushes. These have made their way to the top of my wishlist!

Prior to seeing these AMAZING swatches, I had never heard of Cult Nails before. Must get myself acquianted 😉 I suggest you do the same.

I used to associate Estee Lauder with old ladies (LOL) but after seeing this, I have changed my mind.

Being such a blush fiend, it didn’t help when I saw this gorgeous FOTD post with another yet hard to find blush in Australia,

Link Love #6

Feeling lucky? Enter Lilit’s amazing giveaway.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves a good sleep-in especially on these cold Winter mornings. No time for an intricate eye makeup routine in the morning? No worries – see how easy it can get.

I love a good budget beauty brand – check out these swatches :) & be amazed.

A good tip I learned from a MUA was that when you apply the same shade to your cheeks & eyes, it instantly ‘refreshens’ you! This is a good multi-tasker if you’re ever feeling the need to be refreshed.

Link Love #5

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I spent majority of it working & then getting sick! Boo. I’m currently doing an inventory of my make up collection & it’s scary.

This week,

Lilit addresses the Morrocan Oil bashing.

Part 3 of Madame B Fatale’s Illamasqua swatches are now live :) I love seeing swatches!

Tara has kicked her old lover, Chanel, to the kerb. What has she replaced her (ex) beloved Chanel lipsticks with?

Seeing this nail polish swatch from Carina has made me even more excited about Summer.

Formal season is upon us in full swing. Check out this guide for your necessities!

The best of both worlds – a haul of make up & shoes.

Link Love #4

First off – this ain’t beauty related but whatever! Jess shares one of my favourite recipes. EVER. It’s so simple to make & delicious too.

Want to see some swatches of the pretty Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes?

Ever heard of a water resistant bronzer? I hadn’t until now & it has made itself a high priority for my Summer wishlist.

I don’t think I’ve ever met such a devoted Lancome Juicy Tubes lover like Tara.

Please tell me I’m not the only person on Earth who has no clue what a serum is &  its purpose when it comes to the skincare routine? Clueless no more!

Link Love #3

I apologise for the delay in this week’s link love! xx Have had a pretty full-on weekend.

Kimmi over at The Plastic Diaries reviews a relatively old but new brand of cosmetics & the lipstick shades are kinda amazing :)

Want to see how YOUR favourites compare to Amanda Ware’s (new face of Chapstick)? Head over to Sara-May’s blog & find out.

I have been lemming some Fyrinnae eyeshadows & blushes since I’ve first heard of them. If you have not yet heard of Fyrinnae, Cclarebear swatches some stunning Fyrinnae eyeshadows & just shows what the fuss is all about.

These have been doing the rounds lately around the Aussie beauty bloggers community but with great reason – check out why as Angela tells you why you should get them ASAP!

Link Love #2

TGIF, right? Hope you’ll all enjoy your weekend! xx

Who loves peach glosses as much as me – put your hands up! Lara shows us a gorgeous peach gloss which won’t break the budget :)

As we’re in the middle of Winter, Jen shows us her MooGoo love & Tara reviews the cult body cream from Kiehls – both fantastic products for your skin during Winter!

MadameBFatale posts about the importance of eye primers – & I agree with her sentiments.

Scared of bold lips? Don’t be as Lilit shares a Hollywood make-up artist’s tips!

I wish I had a resource like Emily’s post on the most basic brushes you should have in your arsenal when I was starting out.


Link Love #1

I’ve seen various bloggers do this so I thought I’d start one too *cue sheep baah-ing*

This week…

Angela lets her readers know which items we should stay away from.

Emily begins her nude lip series. My favourite is this Clinique one.

Not letting Winter hold them back, Tara goes a bright lippie as she got her hands on a MAC lipstick from their recent Surf Baby collection & both Cclarebear & Stef showcases Benefit’s new tint.

My Chanel enabler, Jen, does some more enabling with Boy rouge coco shine.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who does their make-up when I’m just lounging around the house all day. How gorgeous does MadameBFatale look??

Lilit discovers a great new budget brand of cosmetics! In the name of blog research, she purchased some goodies & lets us know the verdict :)