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MAC Me Over collection

Again, another delayed MAC haul post! Sorry guys LOL. I promise I’ll get better at this!

First, I loved the promo pictures for this collection. MAC had an online contest where you could send in a picture of yourself and complete a sentence “MAC me over because………” The 6 winners were hand picked by MAC’s senior VP an featured as part of the official promo images for this collection.

Awesome, yeah? I think it’s great that they got ordinary consumers to be a part of the promo!

Moving on…from this collection I only got 2 things! I used to buy a whole MAC collection back in the days but these days with MAC spitting out limited collections so often (sometimes 3 in a month!), I just get too overwhelmed.

Runaway Red lipstick

rich red blue

MAC Runway Red lipstick

Yes, this is how dark it looks in the tube in real life. I opened it and thought what the heck? Is this right? I googled images the shade and it seems so!

But…when you actually apply it, it’s much MUCH nicer! Looks like a near-perfect red for me. I say near-perfect because I have so many reds that suit me fine hehe


MAC Runaway Red lipstick - natural light

When applied onto my lips, it’s a gorgeous ruby berry-red! Love it. It’s not a bright red but it’s not a vampy red either. It works well to brighten up my complexion and even with a simple winged liner, I still look polished.

The finish is a satin, and while it’s not my favourite finish from MAC, it’s not my least favourite either. It gives a semi-glossy smooth finish and is not drying on the lips.

Bare lips - natural light

MAC Runaway Red lipstick - natural light

As with most (all?) reds, this does leave a stain. A very pretty one at that. I could seriously wear this all day without having to reapply as the stain is nice enough to pass off as a “I meant for it to look like this..” hehe 😉

Mythical eyeshadow

frosty coppery red

Mythical is essentially a copper shade with bits of red shot through it. It’s one of my favourite finishes from MAC – veluxe pearl. It’s ridiculously smooth but it is lacking a bit in the pigmentation department :(

MAC Mythical eyeshadow

When swatched, it’s hard to see the red – looks more orange copper than red copper.

MAC Mythical eyeshadow - natural light

It looks quite similar to MAC Cranberry eyeshadow in the pan but Cranberry when applied is much more purple than MAC Mythical. I love neutrals and I think this is a bit more of ‘step up’ from your boring browns.

(Some) MAC Pigments Review

Here’s a bulk swatch of 8 more MAC pigments.

Universal Mix – sheer ivory with a mix of blue/green and gold sparkles
Rich Life – dark brown with silver shimmer

Universal Mix, Rich Life

Both were released in the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection at the beginning of 2010. Universal Mix is sparkle city. I can see it working as a good eye and cheek highlighter but seeing as there isn’t much of a base colour, I don’t think it’d be good as a base eye shade. Rich Life is too cool for me. Might have some potential if used wet but too much work!

Universal Mix, Rich Life
See the sparkles in Universal Mix.

Lithe – warm light peach with gold shimmer
Bloodline – charcoal taupe shade with a plum undertone with gold shimmer

Lithe, Bloodline

These were the only 2 things which interested me from the Fabulous Felines collection (released sometime in August 2010). Lithe is so gorgeous. It’s like a much toned down Melon and it was sooo smooth! Bloodline, like Rich Life, is probably best used wet. It’s such a complex shade which makes it more pretty!

Lithe, Bloodline

Emerald Green – jewel green with silver shimmer
Antique Green – smokey green teal
Naked – very neutral, very beige with pearly shimmer
Shimmertime – icy baby pink with silver shimmer

Emerald Green, Antique Green, Naked, Shimmertime

Emerald Green, Antique Green

Naked, Shimmertime

Emerald Green, Antique Green, Naked, Shimmertime

Apart from Shimmertime, these are permanently available from MAC. Emerald Green is similar to Humid eyeshadow. It suits its name as its a very vibrant shade of green :) Antique Green is much darker compared to Emerald Green. It’s a blackened shade of green with hints of teal. Naked is a very soft skintone shade with the perfect amount of subtle shimmer. Shimmertime was apart of the She Shines collection, which IMO saw the release of some VERY great pigments. It’s a light pink shade with hints of silver.
Universal Mix, Rich Life, Lithe, Bloodline, Emerald Green, Antique Green, Naked, Shimmertime

Quick Review: MAC A Tartan Tale

I swatched everything but the eyeshadow cos I don’t want to ruin that pretty pattern! :(

Glamora Castle is a very nice grey blue with some really fine shimmer. The surface has a really cute plaid pattern which unfortunately does not go all the way through (as discovered by BritishBeautyBlogger).

Dark grey with teal tartan striping (Limited Edition)

They cost more than MAC’s usual eyeshadows ($19.50USD) but they are bigger (3grams).

The MAC A Tartan Tale eyeshadow (middle) compared with a typical MAC blush (left) and MAC eyeshadow pot (right).

Now, the pigments – I acquired samples of The Family Crest, Moonlight Night and Jigs & Jives. The Family Crest and Moonlight Night, along with Later, were released as full sized pigment jars. MAC also released holiday sets of the pigment vials and I think each set had at least one limited edition shade. I’ve been trying to get my hands on the others – Cheers My Dear, Gilt O Glamor and Most Darlingbut it has been difficult!

Moving on… both Moonlight Night and The Family Crest were swatched wet seemed like their full potential would be released only when swatched wet lol. Jigs & Jives, I swatched dry as usual as well as wet.

First impressions – all the pigments went on smoothly and no chunky glitter yay! A darker base is suggested for The Family Crest and Moonlight Night.

Jigs & Jives – Naked taupe

Moonlight Night – Blackened teal with teal pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

The Family Crest – Blackened bronze with pearl (Frost) (Limited Edition)

Jigs & Jives – pinkish tan
Moonlight Night – black base with blue and green shimmer
The Family Crest – plum base with gold shimmer

The Faerie Glen, is essentially a sheer nude-pink-brown mix. I like the fact that it’s a lustre finish cos when it’s applied, it’s semi-sheer with a slight sheen.

Random MAC Swatches

After perusing the MAC collections’ product list, I realised there were some repromotes which I already had (only 3 lol).

Violet pigment – this is a permanent product but will also be released as part of the Stylishly Yours collection.

vivid bright violet purple

Later pigment – this was recently released with MAC’s Alice+Olivia collection. However, it was released only in the US, Canada & Asia, I believe as well as having been produced in limited amounts so some missed out. This will be released as part of A Tartan Tale.

It doesn’t look at all interesting in the jar but it’s definitely something special when swatched wet.

Also, in real life, I can definitely see the purple shimmer/sheen but when photographed, it translates to blue? :(

black with transforming purple pearl

Brule eyeshadow – part of MAC’s permanent line. It’s my HG brow bone highlighter when I need a matte one. It’s also great to use as a base shade to provide an even base for your eyeshadows. Even though it’s a matte shade with no shimmer or duo-chrome, it’s a satin texture which means nice and smooth application.

Brule will be a part of the Cham-Pale collection.

soft creamy beige

Swatches: MAC Eyeshadows

I am loving these newest additions to my MAC collection :) I decided that maybe I should start adding some “must-haves” into my collection instead of just purchasing the constant limited edition eyeshadows. Doesn’t help that MAC churns out a new collection every other week!

New additions:
Malt – a matte pinky beige
Naked Lunch – shimmery nude with pink
Time & Space(LE from the Neo Sci-Fi collection) – warm copper with gold shimmer

Shroom – beige gold with shimmer
Club – duochrome :D! reddish brown base with green overlay

And my quads all organised:

Pictures of Alice+Olivia Pigments

These are the pigments which are available from the MAC Alice+Olivia collection which was released a month ago in the USA. Apparently, this collection was only available in the USA, Japan and Korea.

The three newest (limited edition) pigment offerings from MAC are If It Sparkles…, Later and Partylicious. Initially I was only going to get Partylicious but then a lady I usually get my MAC pigment samples from were offering a great deal for a sample of all three! And who’s to pass up a good deal? 😛

If It Sparkles… is described as

White with transforming pink pearl (Limited Edition)

It’s so finely milled – even the pink shimmer is finely milled.

Here it is compared to my other “white” MAC pigments:

Pink Opal: If It Sparkles…has less of a yellow-white base compared to Pink Opal. Also, the pink shimmer in Pink Opal is more visible to the eye than the pink shimmer in If It Sparkles…
Your Ladyship: Your Ladyship is definitely more pinky-peach compared to If It Sparkles…
Vanilla: Pink Opal and Vanilla seems to have the same base shade with Pink Opal only having some pink shimmer added to the mix. So again, Vanilla has more yellow in it compared to If It Sparkles…
Frost: Compared with Frost, If It Sparkles…is definitely more finely milled. Frost is chunky has has white shimmer.

Later is

Black with transforming purple pearl (Limited Edition)

And last but not least, Partylicious – my favourite of them all! It is described as

Turquoise with silver pearl (Limited Edition)

Compared with other blue-ish MAC pigments:

Blue (Rebel Rock): A deeper blue than Partylicious.
Teal: Definitely more green in Teal.
Bell Bottom Blue: Dark blue and grey compared with Partylicious.

Swatch My Stash #1 – MAC Shadesticks & Greasepaint Sticks

These are the only ones I own from MAC – Cakeshop shadestick, Lucky Jade shadestick, V greasepaint stick and B greasepaint stick (which I’ve done a mini review on here). These have such a strong crayon-y smell??


It’s been a while since I’ve splurged on cosmetics that this tiny haul made me feel soo happy, lol.

These past few weeks, I got myself (all MAC):

Intriguing Scarlet palette – simply divine! The colours are so pigmented and gorgeous. Very neutral as far as palettes go but MAC did incorporate 2 stunning shades – a deep burgundy and a forest green.

Seriously Rich slimshine – this is one of the more matte ones. Really pigmented!
Urgent! slimshine – similar in colour to Seriously Rich but it’s more sheer and looks like a lip balm once applied.