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Christmas Look #1 – Red Lips

When it comes to Christmas, my default look is always a red lip.

This look features a bright red lip with a very basic eye look. I will be posting look #2 soon which switches up the lip colour but still the same eye look.

Christmas Look #1

Christmas Look #1

Face products
– Sorme Fresh Start Oil-Free Under Foundation  Makeup Enhancer*
– Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Cream in Light/Medium* {this provides light coverage, perfect for the humid weather we had during Christmas day here. Covered the redness around my nose and cheeks well}
– Australis Cosmetics ACONTOUR palette to contour*
– MAC Instant Chic blush
– Sorme Cosmetics Shimmer Glow in Bronzed* {In Summer, I love the look of glowy cheeks and I achieved this effortlessly with Bronzed. Looks like chunky glitter in the tube but goes on to give a nice glow}

– Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Concealer*
– Urban Decay Naked 1 palette {shades: Half-Baked, Smog, Darkhorse and Virgin}
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown
– Maybelline Master Precise liquid liner
– Model21 false lashes #04

– MAC Classic Dame mattene

The product/s marked with a * in this post were provided by PR for consideration. Beauty Snippets’ opinion remains 100% unbiased and honest. Please refer to Beauty Snippets’ disclosure/PR policies page for further information.

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Rocker lipstick (#010)

Name: Rocker
Finish: Matte
Collection: By Request

MAC Rocker lipstick

Like Moxie, Rocker was also part of the By Request collection.

Rocker is a dark red shade with some brown understones and multicolour shimmer. The shimmer is noticeable on the lipstick bullet but when applied, you can only see it when the light hits.

MAC Rocker lipstick

This is pretty much my ultimate vampy lipstick shade. It reminds me of blood!

MAC Rocker lipstick

Again, as I am not a fan of matte lipsticks and this is no exception, I like to apply this over well moisturised lips and lasting time is pretty good as well due to the matte finish – 5 to 6 hours, leaving behind a dark red lip stain.

MAC Rocker lipstick

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Moxie lipstick (#009)

Name: Moxie
Finish: Matte
Collection: By Request

MAC Moxie lipstick

MAC’s By Request collection earlier this year was an interesting one. It’s essentially a collection voted by MAC fans. MAC put up a list of lipsticks, eyeshadows and lipglasses and the top 3 in each category was then launched.

The top 3 lipsticks were Moxie, Rocker and Candy Yum-Yum.

MAC Moxie lipstick

Moxie is a warm bright pink with red tones. It’s a matte finish so I prefer to apply this over some lip balm. Despite reading reviews on various beauty blogs about the matte finish being quite easy to work with, I found that if I applied it straight onto my lips, it clung onto the dry patches and felt a bit uncomfortable. The upside to a matte finish is its lasting time which went way beyond 4 hours. It leaves a faint stain by the 5-6th hour. I get opaque coverage in just one swipe!

MAC Moxie lipstick

Ever since receiving Moxie, it has quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks. It brightens up my face without it being too ‘out there’ for everyday wear.


MAC Moxie lipstick

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick (#008)

Name: Viva Glam Nicki
Finish: Satin
Collection: Viva Glam

MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick

Viva Glam Nicki is Nicki Minaj’s second collaboration with MAC for the Viva Glam AIDS fund. Now, whether or not you like MAC and/or Nicki Minaj, the MAC Viva Glam AIDS fund is a great cause. All proceeds for the sales of their Viva Glam lipsticks go directly to the fund.

This is available for a year from the date of release so it should be available for another couple of months.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick

Viva Glam Nicki is described by MAC as a

light yellow pink

It has a satin finish so it’s not glossy but not completely matte. It applies quite evenly however, it does cling onto any dry flakes on your lips. It is pigmented where one swipe is enough for coverage.

MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick swatch - natural light

Viva Glam Nicki, on my pigmented lips, is a pale pink which is disappointing as I purchased it based on reviews that it had that neon brightness. You can see this in the swatch…

MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick

Lasting time is about 3-4 hours before requiring another application.

This is one of those shades where I am not too sure if I want to keep or sell.

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Party Parrot lipstick (#007)

Name: Party Parrot
Finish: Matte
Collection: Iris Apfel

MAC Party Parrot lipstick

Seeing as Spring is around the corner, I thought I’d pull out Party Parrot, which has been sitting untouched for a month or two now.

Party Parrot was released recently with the Iris Apfel collection. It was one of five bright shades available in the collection.

MAC Party Parrot lipstick

Party Parrot is a bright dark pink on my slightly pigmented lips although is described by MAC strangely as

Bright cleanest pink

MAC Party Parrot lipstick swatch - natural light

It is a stunning shade of pink that is very flattering on me and lasts for hours due to its matte finish. Despite it being a matter finish, it applied very easily and the texture is quite creamy for a matte. It did cling onto some of the dry parts on my lips so better moisturise your lips well before wearing this.

MAC Party Parrot lipstick swatch - natural light

It’s a highly sought after shade and understandably so…BUT don’t fret – there’s a close dupe from the PRO line – MAC Impassioned lipstick – swatched here by another beauty blogger.

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Strawbaby lipstick (#004)

Name: Strawbaby
Finish: Lustre
Collection: Fafi

MAC Strawbaby lipstick

Strawbaby was released in 2008 as part of Fafi’s collaboration with MAC. This collection also had the limited edition packaging. MAC kept the black bullet for the lipsticks but they also included a neat and cute outer slip featuring one of three Fafi dolls for the bottom half of the lipstick. When you remove the sleeve, you’re simply left with the plain black bullet. I remember when this was released, so many people freaked out about the packaging but it doesn’t bother me.

MAC Strawbaby lipstick

MAC describes this as a coral rose with rainbow pearl but I don’t see the coral! To my eyes, it’s like shade of strawberry jam with rainbow sparkles – but predominantly blue and purple. What I love about Strawbaby is that the sparkles are not obnoxious and in your face – you need to be in the right light and angle and you’ll see it. This makes it a bit more interesting than your standard rosy lipstick. The sparkles are not gritty at all. They’re really fine and it’s not a dense concentration at anything so you don’t feel it on your lips.

MAC Strawbaby lipstick swatch - natural light (Apologies for the goosebumps! It's been freezing in Sydney)

Being a lustre, it’s sheer and doesn’t take long before it fades. About 1-2 hours (if I’m lucky!) later and I need to re-apply.

Strawbaby is one of my favourite MLBB shades. I pop it on when I want something a bit more than just a muted rosy shade.

MAC Strawbaby lipstick swatch - natural light

Brand Spotlight Series – MAC Rocking Chick lipstick (#003)

Name: Rocking Chick
Finish: Frost
Collection: Barbie Loves MAC

Thought I’d brighten up today’s gloomy weather with one of my favourite bright pinks from MAC.

MAC Rocking Chick lipstick

I loved the packaging from the Barbie Loves MAC collection. The lipsticks had the pink Barbie logo and so did the eyeshadows! Love.

MAC Rocking Chick lipstick

Rocking Chick is a hot pink with a slight blue undertone and microshimmer. The blue undertone makes your teeth appear whiter – score! I love wearing Rocking Chick when I can’t be bothered to do a full face of makeup or my creative brain just isn’t working. I just put this one, do a winged liner and nude blush and out the door I go.

MAC Rocking Chick lipstick swatch - natural light

As one of the brighter colours with not a lot of gloss or shine, Rocking Chick lasts about 5 hours before completely fading.

MAC Rocking Chick lipstick swatch - natural light


Review – MAC Hibiscus lipstick

MAC Hibiscus lipstick

After seeing the collection photos and numerous swatches, I decided that I was going to pass up on Hibiscus. Until Tara wore it at the ABBW which made me realise – MUST. GET.


Hibiscus was released as part of MAC’s Surf Baby collection launched sometime back in May. Surf Baby was a collection that came with limited edition packaging. Instead of MAC’s signature black bullet lipstick casing, Surf Baby saw the lipsticks come packaged in white with coloured stripes and a hibiscus!

MAC Hibiscus lipstick swatch - natural light


Hibiscus is a coral-red shade speckled with bits of subtle gold shimmer – perfect for Summer. Being a cremesheen finish, it is creamy and pigmented without being drying. It does not pull or tug when applying. Glides on smoothly and I only need 1-2 swipes.

MAC Hibiscus lipstick

As with all MAC lipsticks, Hibiscus has the signature vanilla scent but it’s definitely tasteless.

Wear time is pretty average for a MAC lipstick. About 3-4 hours leaving a stain.

Bare lips

MAC Hibiscus swatch - natural light


Unfortunately, this is limited edition so cannot be purchased from MAC counters anymore. For the lucky ladies in the US, this may pop up from time to time at CCOs. Aussies – maybe the invite-only Estee Lauder staff shop? Otherwise, maybe All Cosmetics Wholesale and/or eBay.

MAC Me Over collection

Again, another delayed MAC haul post! Sorry guys LOL. I promise I’ll get better at this!

First, I loved the promo pictures for this collection. MAC had an online contest where you could send in a picture of yourself and complete a sentence “MAC me over because………” The 6 winners were hand picked by MAC’s senior VP an featured as part of the official promo images for this collection.

Awesome, yeah? I think it’s great that they got ordinary consumers to be a part of the promo!

Moving on…from this collection I only got 2 things! I used to buy a whole MAC collection back in the days but these days with MAC spitting out limited collections so often (sometimes 3 in a month!), I just get too overwhelmed.

Runaway Red lipstick

rich red blue

MAC Runway Red lipstick

Yes, this is how dark it looks in the tube in real life. I opened it and thought what the heck? Is this right? I googled images the shade and it seems so!

But…when you actually apply it, it’s much MUCH nicer! Looks like a near-perfect red for me. I say near-perfect because I have so many reds that suit me fine hehe


MAC Runaway Red lipstick - natural light

When applied onto my lips, it’s a gorgeous ruby berry-red! Love it. It’s not a bright red but it’s not a vampy red either. It works well to brighten up my complexion and even with a simple winged liner, I still look polished.

The finish is a satin, and while it’s not my favourite finish from MAC, it’s not my least favourite either. It gives a semi-glossy smooth finish and is not drying on the lips.

Bare lips - natural light

MAC Runaway Red lipstick - natural light

As with most (all?) reds, this does leave a stain. A very pretty one at that. I could seriously wear this all day without having to reapply as the stain is nice enough to pass off as a “I meant for it to look like this..” hehe 😉

Mythical eyeshadow

frosty coppery red

Mythical is essentially a copper shade with bits of red shot through it. It’s one of my favourite finishes from MAC – veluxe pearl. It’s ridiculously smooth but it is lacking a bit in the pigmentation department :(

MAC Mythical eyeshadow

When swatched, it’s hard to see the red – looks more orange copper than red copper.

MAC Mythical eyeshadow - natural light

It looks quite similar to MAC Cranberry eyeshadow in the pan but Cranberry when applied is much more purple than MAC Mythical. I love neutrals and I think this is a bit more of ‘step up’ from your boring browns.

MAC Semi-Precious collection

Wow, talk about a delayed post aye? Sorry guys. For some reason, posting about my tiny haul from MAC’s Semi-Precious collection totally slipped my mind. Better late than never!

Let’s get on with it then…

I purchased Gem of Roses lipstick and Feeling Flush mineralize blush.

Gem of Roses – midtone strawberry pink.

MAC Gem of Roses lipstick

The description by MAC is pretty accurate. Gem of Roses does have a slight gold shimmer but nothing too BAM – in your face. It gives your lips a very nice shine. Application – SMOOTH. Wow! I haven’t been wearing my MAC lipsticks as much these days so I have forgotten about how great they can be. Gem of Roses applies sooo smoothly – like applying lip balm.

Bare lips - natural light

MAC Gem of Roses lipstick - natural light

It gives your lips a hint of colour without taking over the show. Such a perfect everyday lipstick. Unfortuntately, MAC likes its limited edition collections so this is unavailable from counters now. You could try your luck on eBay I guess or for the lucky US ladies – CCOs!

Next I got Feeling Flush mineralize blush. This thing is pigmented as pigmented goes so I prefer using my small stippling brush to apply this. MAC’s description is pretty lack-lustre honestly – “pink, deep blue, soft brown, pink”. The double pink = super pink blush, MAC?

MAC Feeling Flush mineralize blush

I love how crazy pigmented this is. And it’s the perfect pink for my cheeks. I tend to have a bit of redness inmy cheeks but this somehow tones it down and gives me a nice flush. MAC Dollymix blush used to be my go-to for pink cheeks but I’ve since sold it and have found an even better replacement!

Feeling Flush mineralize blush, like most, if not all of MAC’s blushes, last an average of 6-8 hours on me.

MAC Semi-Precious swatches - natural light