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BYS nail polishes – Dip your toes (and fingers!) into the neon trend

BYS has you covered for the neon trend. With products ranging from lipsticks to eyeliners and nail polishes, you are bound to find that this neon trend is more wearable than you think.

BYS nail polishes: Matte Pink, Shimmer Hollywood Hills, Matte Aqua

I am not fashionable (hence why I blog about makeup not fashion) but this makes it look like I am all into trends and whatnot!

BYS nail polishes: Matte Pink, Shimmer Hollywood Hills, Matte Aqua

Today, I have three brights from BYS’ nail polish range.

BYS Matte Pink  is what the name says – a matte pink. The pink is like a barbie pink. Makes me feel so girly when I’m wearing it. It dries really fast as well (I think this is due to its matte nature but don’t quote me..) and wears for about 2 days without a top coat before chipping. I probably could’ve done two coats but seeing as I knew I was going to wear for just one day, I went with one.

BYS Matte Pink nail polish

BYS Matte Aqua – not much to say apart from the name is spot on and like the matte pink above, it dries fast and lasts the same time. Again, 1 coater in the swatch pic.

BYS Matte Aqua nail polish

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills – sheer grassy green shade with yellow/gold shimmer. This was so sheer! The swatch shows 2 coats. As mentioned previously, anything requiring more than 2 coats is too much trouble for me. Maybe next time, I’ll apply it over a white base. Unlike the matte shades, I had to use my trusty Seche Vite quick dry top coat. Lasted me 4-5 days before it started chipping.

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills nail polish

BYS Shimmer Hollywood Hills nail polish - see the shimmer?

BYS is available from K-Mart, Gloss Accessories, Cosmetics Plus, Ice Accessories, selected pharmacies and speciality stores as well as being available online from Fashion Addict. They’re so cheap at only $3.95AUD/10ml!

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BYS Colour Change in Deep Purple nail enamel with Zoya Opal nail polish

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

BYS is like the Aussie’s equivalent to NYX, I guess. The packaging is very similar to NYX as well as the bargain price point!

I remember seeing Carina from Gilded Nails swatch these and thought that these were soo cool. A couple of months later, Deep Purple from BYS’ Colour Change nail polish range is in one of the many ABBW goodie bags! Talk about knowing what the people want.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

The Colour Change Nail Enamels changes with your temperature so if you’re a cool cat one minute and hot under the collar the next, BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel will keep you fun and fashionable whatever your mood.

Deep Purple is what the shade of the polish is when it’s cold. It changes into a fuchsia when warm. Application was a breeze. I had no issues at all. Two coats, no top coat in the pictures below.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

I received a swap package in the mail the same day that had two Zoya Fleck Effects nail polishes. I am an eager beaver so I topped off this manicure with Zoya Opal.

Zoya Opal nail polish

Zoya Opal is a sheer green top coat loaded with green, teal and blue flakies. The green base is sooo sheer making it perfect to layer over any polishes your heart desires.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel with Zoya Opal nail polish

I can’t wait to layer Zoya Opal over a darker base. I’m loving this combination though.