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Review: Nailene Couture Design Nails, So Natural French Nails & Ultra Adhesive Tabs

Ok, this is going to a bit of a long review. Instead of separating these, I’ll just do it in the one post!

I’ll do the similarities between both the Couture Design Nails and the So  Natural French Nails.

In both kits, you receive glue (2g), buffer, manicure stick and 24 glue on nails which is enough for two wears. Also included is a small instruction leaflet with both pictures and worded instructions on how to apply the nails. In terms of using them, first you need to buff and shape your nails. After you’ve done so, go ahead and choose the correct size for each nail. I like to lay them out in the same order so it’s easy and quick to apply.

Nailene Couture Design Nails which I paired with the Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs

Nailene Couture Design Nails $16.99AUD

Nailene Couture Design Nails $16.99AUD

Nailene Couture Design Nails come in 4 different designs and the one I received is the 71064 Platinum design which features a black and grey gradient with silver glitter accents.

Instead of using the glue which came with the kit, I opted to trial it with the Ultra Adhesive Tabs. In the pack, you receive 24 adhesive tabs in 6 sizes, which is enough for 2 wears just like the artificial nails kits. To apply the tabs, I just used my fingers to grab the correct size, very carefully, then placed it onto my nail bed. Once applied, I removed the backing that was on the top surface and then applied the Couture Design Nails on top.

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs $8.99AUD

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs $8.99AUD

The Ultra Adhesive Tabs are very sticky which is good as it ensures the nails actually stay on. They guarantee up to 5 days of wear. I managed to get about 3 before they started to come off which is good considering I am quite rough with my hands both at home and at work.

To remove, just slide the artificial nail off and then the adhesive tab just rolled off really easily. I did have some residue left which was easily removed using acetone.

I normally don’t do nail designs due to the lack of artistry skills on my behalf but I would definitely opt for these for a special occasion.

So Natural French Nails

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD

With the So Natural French Nails, I used the glue that came in the box. The glue has a pink tint to it and is pretty much like superglue only without the smell!

Just make sure that you apply a generous amount of glue to the artificial nail, concentrating on the sides as I had one nail pop off during work – 1 day after application. They do state a guarantee of 7 days normal wear or your money back though. Knowing this, I just reapplied with extra glue and it lasted about 5 days.

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD {I got my sister to become my hand model for this picture}

I received the 77360 Short Pink which was the perfect length for me. It looked so natural and polished! Best thing is that when you run your fingers through your hair, it doesn’t get caught!

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD

Nailene So Natural Everyday French $16.99AUD {Again, thanks sis! Look how natural they look?}

If you’re on the lookout for quick and easy polished and manicured nails, definitely check out the So Natural French Nails pack.

Purchase Nailene products are available from Priceline, K-Mart, Target, selected pharmacies and Big W. The kits retail for $16.99AUD and the Ultra Adhesive Tabs are $8.99AUD.

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