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What’s On My Nails Wednesdays

Zoya Julie

Zoya Julie ($19AUD/15ml)

I’ve got a two-fer for you today – both purchases from my Hawaii trip earlier this year.

Zoya Julie is a pastel purple with very fine silver shimmer throughout. I only purchased this because it’s my name! It provides really good coverage in just one coat if you’re really careful. I opted for two coats because I suck at painting my nails.

Zoya Julie

Zoya Julie ($19AUD/15ml)

OPI Polka.Com is a glitter-fest in the bottle – small and medium, hex and round, blue, fuchsia and teal glitter suspended in a clear base.

OPI Polka.Com

OPI Polka.Com ($20AUD/15ml)

I wouldn’t say it’s dense but it wasn’t sparse either. On the spectrum, it’d lean a bit more dense than sparse. Pictured is 2 coats. The glitter combination is really fun and I think it’ll look great over almost any base shade!

I also really like the fact that the glitters lay flat and smooth and don’t curl up!

Zoya julie with OPI Polka.Com ($20AUD/15ml)

Zoya Julie with OPI Polka.Com

OPI Polka.Com

OPI Polka.Com

Revlon Jelly Top Speed nail enamel and Zoya Chloe nail polish

I managed to get my hands on the Zoya Fleck Effects nail polish in Chloe and Opal. I have previously shown Opal here and today, I am showing Chloe!

Zoya Chloe fleck effects nail polish

I love these Zoya Fleck Effects polishes. Gorgeous flakies!

Chloe has gold-orange flakes suspended in a salmon coloured base.

I layered it over Revlon Jelly Top Speed nail enamel and it was a gorgeous soft combination.

BYS Colour Change in Deep Purple nail enamel with Zoya Opal nail polish

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

BYS is like the Aussie’s equivalent to NYX, I guess. The packaging is very similar to NYX as well as the bargain price point!

I remember seeing Carina from Gilded Nails swatch these and thought that these were soo cool. A couple of months later, Deep Purple from BYS’ Colour Change nail polish range is in one of the many ABBW goodie bags! Talk about knowing what the people want.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

The Colour Change Nail Enamels changes with your temperature so if you’re a cool cat one minute and hot under the collar the next, BYS Colour Change Nail Enamel will keep you fun and fashionable whatever your mood.

Deep Purple is what the shade of the polish is when it’s cold. It changes into a fuchsia when warm. Application was a breeze. I had no issues at all. Two coats, no top coat in the pictures below.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel

I received a swap package in the mail the same day that had two Zoya Fleck Effects nail polishes. I am an eager beaver so I topped off this manicure with Zoya Opal.

Zoya Opal nail polish

Zoya Opal is a sheer green top coat loaded with green, teal and blue flakies. The green base is sooo sheer making it perfect to layer over any polishes your heart desires.

BYS Deep Purple Colour Change nail enamel with Zoya Opal nail polish

I can’t wait to layer Zoya Opal over a darker base. I’m loving this combination though.

Holiday season manicure #1

As the holiday season is right around the corner, I thought it be fitting to do a holiday season manicure.

This is very simple and not so “look at me. I’ma¬† holiday season manicure yo!”.

Zoya Richelle

I used Zoya Richelle and Revlon Jelly top speed nail enamel as the accent. This was my first experience with Zoya and I am impressed! Richelle is a gold foil. It sorta reminds me of the Face of Australia molten metallic nail polishes. Richelle applied beautifully and was opaque in one coat. I think this is one coat.