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Summer Beauty Guide Part 1 – Hair Removal

Summer is coming and Beauty Snippets has compiled a Summer Beauty Guide to make the transition from stockings and pants to shorts and skirts easy.

Part 1 of the Summer Beauty Guide is all things hair removal.

The word ‘summer’ conjures up images of the beach, cocktails and bikinis so it’s no surprise that hair removal is a top priotity for me (and others!) to prepare my body for summer.

Here are three ways to keep the hairs at bay.

Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar ($12.99AUD nationwide at Priceline)

Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar

Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar

What Parissa says

Chamomile Body Sugar: a natural, washable hair remover infused with soothing Chamomile, gently lifts away hair from the root for clean, salon-smooth results up to 6 weeks. Includes vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair

Includes: 140ml jar of sugar wax/body sugar, 20 washable strips, 8ml Azulene oil, 3 spatulas (wooden) and an instruction pamphlet

Per the instructions, I took the lid off the wax jar, placed it a small bowl then placed it in the microwave on high heat for about 15-20 seconds. It says to heat it until it has the consistency of honey. I find that a slightly runnier texture was much easier to work with.

I did a full leg wax on my legs and this took about 30 minutes. I’m not sure how long a full leg wax usually takes but 30 minutes for two legs seems alright.

I love that the wax is easily removed with water and the wax strips are washable. I found that the wax washed off really easily and the strips dried very fast.

Not that I was really noticing but there was no apparent scent from the wax.

Once you’re done, just let the jar of wax cool down before storing it. What is pictured in the wax jar is what’s left after 2 x 2 full leg waxes.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the jar of wax separately once you’ve finished. You’ll have to purchase the whole kit but this is fine with me because at only $12.99AUD (sometimes less when Priceline has their sales), you get more Azulene oil and wax strips.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor ($14.25AUD nationwide at Woolworths, Coles, Big W, K-Mart, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse)

A new addition to Schick’s extensive bodycare range, the Hydro Silk Razor includes 5 blades – for a closer shave and water-activated serum which is infused with shea butter – to moisturise and hydrate your skin.

Schick Hydro Silk Razor

When I need to shave, this is my go-to. I have always used Schick and I think this new razor is great. The water-activated serum means I don’t need to use a shaving cream in the shower and if I’m in a rush, my legs are moisturised for up to 2 hours with the serum – just in case I forget to apply moisturiser after. A point to note is that the serum, at first, feels strange – kinda like drool but you get used to it after the first use.

The blades honestly do give a close shave and depsite not moisturising after, my legs look and feel hydrated. Perfect for lazy (and/or forgetful peeps).

The blade lasts for about a month with me using it every second day or so. The serum lasts the same time as the blades.

Philips Lumea Precision Plus ($1299.95AUD at Shaver Shop stores nationally)

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

Out of the three featured here, this is my favourite method of removing hair. It reduces and slows down hair growth and this, to me, is a nice permanent hair removal/reduction option. I have previously received laser hair removal at a clinic but it’s quite expensive as you need at least 6-8 sessions before the hair growth is reduced.

The Philips Lumea Precisious Plus is a user-friendly device and doesn’t take long for you to understand how to use it. It has five adjustable heat settings to ensure effective treatment for a range of hair colours and skin tones. It has a sensor to ensure that the applicance is touching the skin at the correct angle, flashing green, and then you press a button and a bright light is emitted. It also comes with an additional filter that is smaller – perfect for use on the face.

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

Philips Lumea Precision Plus IPL

After using the small hairdryer-like device, the hairs on my legs has slowed down. I used to shave them every second day but it has now moved onto shaving every four or five days. The trial period isn’t yet over but I will be posting up a more in-depth review as I have completely finished the trial.

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