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Review: When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask

When I saw the press release for the When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask in my inbox, I thought it’d be perfect for my trip to Hawaii as it’s a face mask that is marketed for those who travel.

Aeroplanes do funny things to my skin (as I’m sure it does to yours too). After getting off the plane, my skin is almost always dehydrated and feels very tight.

When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask

When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask - $12.95AUD

On my second day in Hawaii, I whipped out this face mask and gave it a go.

After opening the packet, I was a bit confused as it’s not your typical face mask. There are three pieces to it, two of which are to be thrown…So essentially, the face mask is sandwiched between a backing paper and another cloth-like piece. The material of the mask felt more silicon-y than your typical cloth face masks.

When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask

When Travelmate Essence Gel Mask - $12.95AUD

I found that the cut-outs for the lips and eyes didn’t ‘fit’ as well as I’d like but it wasn’t bothersome or anything. After leaving it on for 30 minutes, off the face mask went and I massaged the remaining gel onto my face and neck.

Result? My face was looking much more dewy, plump and after massaging the gel into my face, I wasn’t left with any residue – it was absorbed so well that I was able to walk out of my hotel room afterwards without having to wash off anything.

The only downside is the price. At $12.95AUD for one sheet, it’s a bit expensive if you use it on a regular basis. However, seeing as I hardly fly, I’d  purchase the box of 4 for $39.95AUD and have them at the ready should I need to jump on a plane! The results I got justify the price and I wouldn’t hesistate to drop my pretty pennies for a quick fix after spending time up in the air.

Purchase – Available exclusively from lovebeautyhub; shipping within Australia is $6.95AUD.

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